Bermuda is the UK’s closest paradise island, famous for its pink sand beaches and at just 1½ miles wide you’re never far from the shore. Only 21 miles long, Bermuda is easy to explore by public transport, taxi, ferry or even by hiring a scooter. Approximately 7 hours away on a direct flight with British Airways or just two hours from New York, for a beach and city break, combining shopping and nightlife in New York with beach time and water sports in Bermuda. There are just two seasons in Bermuda; spring and summer. Spring is the perfect time to play golf, go sightseeing and enjoy the spas while in summer it’s all about the beach and sports. Bermuda has 365 shipwrecks surrounding the island and 200 square miles of reef, which makes it one of the best places to go snorkelling and diving in the world. With more golf courses per square mile than anywhere on earth, Bermuda is a golfer’s paradise.

Bermuda is well known for the friendliness of its people and the safety of the island. As a British Colony there is plenty to remind you of home in Bermuda with cars driving on the left, narrow winding roads lined with dry stone walls and red telephone boxes. Bermuda has a rich colonial history to discover and is Britain’s oldest overseas territory. The town of St. George, which is twinned with Lyme Regis was Bermuda’s first capital and is well worth a visit to see several old forts and the first Anglican Church in the New World.

As famous as the pink sand beaches are the pastel coloured Bermuda shorts worn by most men, from policemen to politicians and hotel staff. Bermuda shorts are officially worn from the 24th May, Bermuda Day, however you do see them year round.


There are very few high rise and only one all-inclusive hotel. Bermuda has International brands such as the two Fairmont properties, Mandarin Oriental Elbow Beach and Starwood Tuckers Point. Cottage colonies are traditionally the style of accommodation.


With its pristine beaches and luxury resorts, Bermuda provides the perfect setting for a wedding or honeymoon. Circular Moongates, the wedding band shaped arches found all over the island and are a traditional setting for weddings. Legend has it that a couple kissing under the Moongate will have a long and happy life together.


The culture of Bermuda is surprisingly British for a tropical island. While other Caribbean islands have an international or Creole flavour, Bermuda has been most influenced by its British settlers. Everything from language to sports is done the British way in Bermuda – in fact you will find many familiar place names such as Southampton, Warwick and Devonshire. Much of the island lingo is British as well. From "bobbies" directing traffic to the popularity of, pubs and cricket, That said, the heritage of its African inhabitants has played an important role as well. The main African influence in Bermuda is found in the island's music and dance traditions, notably the Gombey dance, which originated in African tribal dance.

While Bermuda is known as an exclusive, luxury destination it needn’t be unaffordable.

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